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тел. 7(383) 328-19-19
г. Новосибирск, Владимировский спуск, 2а

тел. 7(383) 229-51-13
г. Новосибирск, Салтыкова-Щедрина, 1

MedClub was established on the basis of the Dorozhnaya clinical hospital. The unique character of this health care institution is in its advanced modern structure, which unites round-the-clock emergency service, out-patient clinic, pediatric separations, medical cosmetology department. health@recreations complex and fitness studio.

The medical staff`s  high professionalism, ample diagnostic capabilities, up-to-date medications, individual treatment programmes for each MedClub member — all these undeniable advantages allow to help patients in short time with maximum comfort and at their convenience.

Outpatients are consulted in the clinic by their personal physician, if necessery examination can be followed up in MedClub. MedClub`s in-partient clinic is provided with all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and includes cozy and comfortable de luxe wards.

Unique tecnologies and third-millennium equipment such as LPG Kaymodule, Skinmaster, Skinstation, ets. are at service of cosmetology department patients. For almost 15 years a great number of partients have been giving their preference to MedClub professionals. Now MedClub has over two thousand members.

MedClub has been constantly improving its current methods  and introducing new ones, as well as expanding the ruhge of services it provides.

MedClub offers:

  • Personal Physician
  • 24/7 Mobile Emergency Service
  • Out-patient Clinic
  • In-patient Clinic
  • Pediatric separations
  • Medical Cosmetology Department
  • Health & Recreation Complex
  • Exercise Room
  • Fitness Studio

Tel/fax (383) 220-65-11 and 220-74-54

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